Fendrick Bikini Top - Prints

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This practice swimsuit top was designed in collaboration with Lauren Fendrick as part of our beach volleyball collection. The Fendrick swim top features a thick band around the ribcage for security and four parallel straps for maximum support while playing volleyball in the sand.

Features tagless care instructions and privacy lining to keep even the lighter-colored suits from revealing too much.

Super durable with reinforced stitching
100% Polyester
Elastic contains trace amounts of Latex
Rinse in cold water after use and hang dry

  • fixed Back
  • Fixed Straps
  • Unpadded
  • Supportive
  • 2-way stretch
  • Full Coverage
  • Lined

Shipping available to all Canadian provinces
30-day return policy for unknown, unused items with tags attached

Made for Training

UV Protection

Chlorine Proof

Sweat Wicking

Fade Resistant


Plan to wear your swimsuit all day, everyday? No prob! Our Foreverever Fabric holds up to your most extreme adventures and stays as vibrant and comfortable as the day you bought it. Your suit won§’t rip, sag, thin, or fade, so you can confidently keep doing your thing!

  • Sweat Proof
  • Chlorine Proof
  • Salt Water Proof
  • Shape stability
  • Pilling Resistant



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