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Kristi has been drawn to the water at an early age, summer swim league and water polo kept her wet while growing up in land-locked Pennsylvania. But it wasn't until becoming an Ocean Rescue Lifeguard in the  Outer Banks of North Carolina did she find her true calling: the sea. Learning to surf was the gateway into her obsession with the ocean, and since then has begun her career as the ultimate beach "bum": lifeguarding and surfing during warmth months in the Outer Banks, and sailing, teaching scuba diving, and globetrotting during the East Coast winters. Kristi has traveled across the world to work and dive in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, Costa Rica, and Colombia, and has encountered some of the most magnificent marine habitats and creatures on the planet. The endless summer is a reality for Kristi, so she needs LOTS of bikinis that are functional, flattering, and don't wear out. Enter Jolyn. 
"I laugh because I always joked with my parents after graduating college that I never wanted to work a job that I couldn't wear a bikini to work. And now it's a reality! I'm lucky to say I work on the water enough where things like functionality of a bikini really matter to me. I trim sails, haul scuba tanks, run down the beach, get pounded in the surf, and of course want to look and feel good doing it. Jolyn is a product that every single women who works on the water or plays in the water will fall in love with, just as I have. We're truly humbled to be working with this incredible team of water goddesses and athletes and cannot wait to see where this journey takes us"


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