About Brooke Hess

A whitewater kayaker specializing in big wave freestyle, Brooke spends the majority of her time living in her truck and seeking out the world's biggest and best river waves. As a member of the U.S. Freestyle Kayak Team, Brooke has had the opportunity to paddle rivers all around the world, including New Zealand, Africa, South America, Europe, and all over North America. Brooke's most recent competitive accomplishments include a win at the 2017 Montreal Eau Vive big wave competition, and 12th place overall, 2nd for USA at the 2017 Freestyle Kayak World Championships. In addition to freestyle kayaking, Brooke also competes in boatercross races. In the past three years, she has entered eight races. Of those eight races, she won six of them and made it onto the podium in all eight. Brooke's future goals are focused around finding the biggest river waves to surf and dialing in the most complex and challenging tricks possible on those waves.


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