Foreverever Fabric Technology

From performance to fit to protection, our Foreverever sustainable fabric will keep you and your suit in shape year after year.

"I'm a lifeguard and surfer and got my first JOLYN 8 years ago, I've worn my suit almost everyday of the season for 8 years and still wear and trust it to this day"
- Alyx M.

Foreverever Lasting

With Foreverever technology, you can wear your swimwear daily - all day, everyday. Chlorine, salt water and perspiration doesn’t break down Foreverever fabric like they do with other swimwear. Fun fact: even our thread is chlorine proof!

Chlorine Proof
Perspiration Proof
Salt Water Proof


Foreverever’s controlled stretch keeps your fit consistent. Even our elastic is of the highest grade so it won’t stretch out or “crunch”. Adventure without fear of your suit ripping, thinning or sagging.

Perfect Fit
Shape Stability

Foreverever Color

Foreverever swimsuit fabric is fade resistant with UV protection. That means the colors and patterns you’re stoked on will stay as vibrant as they were the day you bought them.

UV Protection


Our Foreverever high quality, long lasting swimsuit fabric is designed for watersports and landsports, even the most extreme ones, so you can be confident that your swimsuit won’t fail you while you’re out there doing your thing.


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