Swimsuit Coverage Guide

Not sure what type of bikini bottom or one piece bottom would be best for you? Review our one piece and bikini bottoms guide below to learn more about the different levels of coverage we offer in our swimsuits. We offer a range of bottom coverage from full coverage to cheeky bottoms to slim coverage.

Coverage 5

Full Coverage

This is our full coverage swimsuit bottom style. Our full coverage bikini bottoms are designed to cover as much as possible while not interfering with performance or activities. Pick Coverage 5 swimsuits for a full coverage bikini bottom - it has the highest rise on the waist, the lowest cut at the leg opening and scoops under the butt.

Coverage 4

Medium-Full Coverage

This is our medium-full coverage swim bottom style. Coverage 4 maybe still offers moderate coverage that rounds across the butt with a regular to high cut at the leg opening. Coverage 4 can be found in both bikini bottoms and one piece swimsuits, so you can find the perfect moderate - full coverage swimsuit for you! These swimsuits make for great surf bikinis, beach volleyball bikinis, and even practice swimsuits.

Coverage 3

Medium Coverage

Our moderate coverage bikini style - great for those who want a balance of skin and bum coverage. Coverage 3 sits diagonally across the bum and is the perfect moderate coverage bikini bottom style to transition from pool to beach.

Coverage 2

Slim-Medium Coverage

Our cheeky swimsuits start here. This cheeky bikini and one piece style has minimal to moderate coverage and accentuates your figure without showing too much. Coverage 2 has a regular to high cut at the leg and cuts steeply across the bum.

Coverage 1

Slim Coverage

Our cheeky bikini coverage option is for those who dare to bare! Coverage 1 can only be found in our cheeky bikini bottoms and minimal coverage bikinis.