Our Mission

JOLYN is a swimwear brand created by female athletes for female athletes. We are inspired by active women of all shapes, sizes and abilities. We envision a world where all women have confidence in their bodies and the courage to try new adventures.

Our Roots

JOLYN was originally founded for competitive swimmers and water polo players who wanted swim suits that were more flattering and far less boring than what was available from traditional swim brands. So, we created great fitting swim suits in colours and prints as unique as the women who wore them. Since the beginning, our one piece suits and bikinis have been thoughtfully designed with details such as adjustable tie back tops, drawstring bottoms and high-grade elastic to ensure they always stay put.

Our Legacy

JOLYN is the go-to swim suit and bikini for any active water sport not only because of our great fit, but also because our swim suits are made to last, not end up in the garbage after one season. We care about the world we wander (and swim) so we use sustainable fabric which ensures our suits can withstand the intensity that athletes and active women put them through day after day and season after season.

Girl Boss

Joelle Bekhazi

While attending school at USC she fell in love with JOLYN. Unlike most of JOLYN SoCal natives, Joelle is from Montreal. As soon as she discovered JOLYN, she began bringing suits back to Canada. Now she does it professionally.

A little about Joelle’s aquatic background: she played water polo for USC and has been a part of the Canadian Women’s National Water Polo Team since 2005.

Some of her athletic accomplishments include:

Silver medalist at the 2007, 2011, 2015, 2019 Pan American Games Silver medalist at the 2009 FINA World Aquatic Championships Silver medalist at the 2009 Super World League Final Chosen on the All-Star team at the 2010 World Cup, MVP at the 2013 UANA World Qualification tournament. The first Canadian to win an NCAA Championship in women’s water polo. In addition to providing JOLYN swimwear to the good people of Canada.

Joelle is currently playing on the Canadian National Team and pursing her dream of becoming an Olympian.

“I got involved with Jolyn thanks to my cross-town rival, Tanya. Whenever my team travelled to California we made sure to get in contact with her so we could bring these amazing Jolyn suits back to Canada. There are no other suits out there where you can wear a two piece and still be fast during a swim set! I was hooked right then and there. I am so grateful Jolyn has made its way north to Canada. These suits are so versatile and can be used for pretty much any sport. What can I say? I’m in love!”
Fun facts about Joelle:

1. Her favorite colour : Mango.
2. Her favorite style: Perry & Dayno.
3. Her favorite quote: "Winners make things happen. Loser let things happen."
4. Her favorite food: Kraft Dinner!


Nadia Kvakic

Nadia is our guru, the one that does it all, at JOLYN Canada. Before JOLYN, she was a professional Water Polo player, played for the National Water Polo team and is still so passionate about Water Polo that she is currently still playing recreationally in Montreal and wishes to create a team of age 30+ to compete at the FINA World Masters. Not to mention, she is creating leagues in the Montreal area for women to play in and she helps out in any way she can. Talk about women empowerment!! Did we mention she really does it all! She fell in love with JOLYN, not only for the super rad suits and gear but with the brand. "Being a curvy girl makes shopping challenging but JOLYN has a style for everyone!" Even through she is usually behind the scenes and doesn't like the spot light, she really is the number one star in our eyes! We are so grateful to have her as part of the team and we really don't know where we would be without her push, drive and creativity. Here are some fun facts about Nadia:

1. Favourite JOLYN colour: Peacock, Ocean, Mango (clearly too many to choose from!)
2. Favourite JOLYN Style: TANYA, JULIAN, GIGI (How can she pick just 1)
3. Favourite Quote: If they think your dreams are crazy, show them what crazy dreams can do.
4. Favourite food: Molokhia

Responsible for store operations

Marie-Philippe Bisaillon

She is from Montréal, QC and has been a competitive swimmer since she was 8 y/o and a senior national athlete since she the age of 17. Jolyn suits have helped her throughout her journey by making it more fun and colourful and the thought of contributing to this brand, to this lifestyle, was always in the back of her mind. She is someone who is always smiling and is a great face to see when you walk into our MTL store. Come on by and meet this incredible person, I promise she will brighten up your day! Oh and did we mention, she is a plant guru!! She definitely keeps our plants as happy as she is. Here are some fun facts about MP:

1. Her favourite colour: Pine.
2. Her favourite style: Chevy.
3. Her favourite quote: « Trouve beau tout ce que tu peux, la plupart ne trouvent pas suffisamment beau. » - Vincent van Gogh.
4. Her favourite food: Spring rolls.

Ontario Sub-Rep

Katie Gagnon

Katie Gagnon is from Whitby, ON. As a kid she was always in the water seeing how long she could hold her breath and doing handstands. In grade 5 she tried synchro for the first time and in grade 7 made the T6 National Team at Durham Synchro. Today she swims on a master’s team and looks forward to going to her first World Master’s Championships. As a swimmer, she started seeing JOLYN booths at competitions and became obsessed with the onesies and two pieces. She didn’t only fall in love with the suits, but the company culture, so when she saw that they were looking for an Ontario Sub-Rep, she knew she had to apply! We are so grateful to have her on our Canadian Team! She is one of the most organized people we know and definitely keeps us on our toes! She is such a great addition.
Here are some fun facts about Katie:

1. Her favourite JOLYN colour: Dragonfruit/Flowerflake
2. Her favourite JOLYN style: Jackson
3. Her favourite Quote: “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” -Christian D. Larson
4. Her favourite Food: Pizza.

Martime Sub-Rep

Abbey Stroud

Abbey is from Pictou County, Nova Scotia! She is a second year International Relations student at Mount Allison University, and she is on the varsity Mounties swim team, as well as the ACAA Cross Country team. In the summer, she works as a Beach Captain at Melmerby Beach with the Nova Scotia Lifeguard service. She is also involved in her local YMCA, and works as a first aid instructor, as well as a swimming instructor for Autism Pictou County. She loves to swim, and to share her love of the water with other people in her small community. She discovered JOLYN as she began her job as a lifeguard in the NSLS and was amazed by the community as well as the positive support of the JOLYN family. She wanted to bring this company to her town, and other small areas like it, so all swimmers could have the opportunity to access JOLYN. She wanted to bring her love for JOLYN in her town so badly she dove into the snow to do so!

She has so much energy and always doing something crazy and creative! Hopefully you get to meet Abbey and feel her awesome energy! Here are some fun facts about Abbey:

1. Her favourite JOLYN print is Retreat because of the fun and bright colours!
2. Her favourite styles are the Adrian top and the Brandon onesie because they are the most durable in surf and secure in the pool.
3. Her favourite quote is “Say what you think… think what you mean.” - Cat Stevens.
4. Her favourite food is Pictou County Pizza.

Alberta Sub-Rep

Madi Schapowal

Madi lives in Calgary, AB. She was born and raised in Montreal, which is where she was introduced to swimming and waterpolo. She moved to Alberta 8 years ago and played waterpolo for the Calgary Renegades. She is currently a student at Mount Royal University. She is hoping to do her second triathlon this summer. She started working for JOLYN last March and is super happy to be part of this great team and can't wait for the events to come :). We are so excited for you all to meet Madi, she is adventurous, full of pep with a contagious smile, and she definitely rocks a rad style! Here are some fun facts about Madi:

1. Her favourite JOLYN colours are Peacock and Blueberry.
2. Her favourite JOLYN style is Jackson for a onesie and her favourite bikini top is the Joey!
3. Her favourite quote is: "You can do hard things" - Glennon Doyle.
4. Her favourite food: tacos.


Have Fun. Make Rad Stuff. Play As A Team.
Dare To Be Different. Embrace Sport.